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Report Fraud
Reporting Fraud in Lehigh County

If you have become aware of suspected fraud, waste or abuse (examples include theft or misuse of County property, cash, or cash equivalents; false reporting of hours worked; submission of falsified or illegitimate vendor invoices; non-compliance with County, State or Federal laws and regulations; etc.), please complete the form below to the best of your knowledge.

Be assured that the Lehigh County Controller’s office will protect the identity of whistleblowers that wish to remain anonymous. This reporting form is untraceable to the source/sender.

Please include as much information or details that you can to assist us with our investigation.

If needed, you have the ability below to upload files in support of your report.

Report Fraud Form
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**Disclaimer: Individuals can choose to submit their tips via phone, mail or the online form above. All methods of submission provide the individual with anonymity, should they choose. Fraud investigations are opened within 72 hours of receiving the tip. The Fraud, Waste & Abuse Hotline only applies to Lehigh County governmental assets, monies and resources. Any other fraudulent activity not related to Lehigh County activities should be reported to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.