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Additional Resources

      Parent to Parent of Pennsylvania

  • Parent to Parent of Pennsylvania links families of children and adults with special needs on a one-on-one basis according to their condition and concerns.
  • Parent to Parent helps families locate support groups.
  • All services are free and confidential
  • For more information:
    (800) 986-4550
    TDD# 717-540-4722

  The Special Kids Network

  • The Special Kids Network is a free, statewide service for families with children who have special needs. The Special Kids Network provides support, up-to-date information referrals to statewide agencies and organizations.
  • For more information:
    (800) 986-4550
    TDD# 1-877-986-5432, PA Keyword: Health


  • CONNECT Information Service is a resource for parents, educators and professionals seeking information about special education, parent and student rights and early intervention services for children.
  • Callers receive verbal assistance and referrals to state agencies, disability groups or individuals.
  • Literature on special education, early intervention, disabilities and child development is provided free of charge.
  • For more information:
    • (800) 692-7288 

AUTISM Resources:

  • What is Autism?- a definition
  • The Autism Task Force
  • The Autism Society
  • National and Local groups and organizations
  • summer camps

 Department of Public Welfare

  • Medical Assistance application 

Project Sparkle

  • Project Sparkle is a very unique training program designed specifically for families of children and youth who are deaf/blind to use in their homes.  They combine self-study (through DVDs and written materials) with conference calls to help families apply what they learn to address their child’s developmental and educational needs.  Families have access to a national listserv as well as website that allows them to create a child profile for planning purposes,  along with an online library of resources.

Early Learning GPS (Guiding Parents Smoothly)

  • An online interactive 10 Question quiz that helps families learn the most important things they need to know and be able to do to help their young child grow.
  • The GPS is designed as an online quiz to create an engaging learning experience, but it's not a test.  Families choose the answer that best fits their situation and receive customized tips and resources based on their answer.

Health and Human Resources Portal

  • Your one stop guide to services, programs, agencies,and organizations in PA, that are ready to help you.
  • Apply For Benefits