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Right To Know Requests

If you'd like to make a request under the Open Records Act, please fill out the attached form and email it to the Right To Know Officer at You can also drop off the form in person or mail it to:

County of Lehigh Government Center
Department of Law
c/o Open Records Officer
17 S. 7th St.
Allentown, PA 18101

Or you can fax your request to 610-871-2796.

You should make sure that your request for records is specific and concise. Identify as specifically as you can the records you want, so that the county can quickly locate them and determine whether they are public record. The county has five business days to respond in writing to:

  1. Grant the request
  2. Deny the request (citing the legal basis for denial/partial denial)
  3. Invoke a 30-day extension for certain reasons

The clock starts the day after the request is received during regular business hours. Acceptable grounds for a 30-day extension includes: off-site location of records, staffing limitations, need for legal review or redaction, complex request, requester did not pay applicable fees as required, or failed to follow Agency policy.

Copies of documents are 25 cents per page, and you will be notified of expected cost. Payment in advance is required for requests that exceed $100 in copying fees.

Right To Know Request Form