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Government Center, Rm. 522
17 South Seventh Street
Allentown, PA. 18101-2400
Phone:  610-782-3033
Fax:  610-871-1186

Rick Molchany
Director of General Services


General Services

The General Services Office provides management and coordination for the internal service and maintenance functions for Lehigh County facilities as well public services related to Parks and Recreation, Bridge Maintenance, and Emergency Management. The office also provides project management services and coordination for construction and renovation projects as well as utility management dealing with electric, gas and telecommunications services.

General Services Oversees the Following Bureaus


Mail Services


All incoming and outgoing mail for the County is processed in two major mailroom centers. One mail center is located at the Courthouse which handles all mail for the Courthouse, Old Courthouse and Annex.  The other mail center is located at the Government Center which handles all mail for the Administrative and Human Services offices. Besides all US Postal material, a significant amount of internal correspondence is processed at each location with daily transfers between facilities also taking place.


Maintenance Bureau


Building Maintenance and Management provides custodial services for County owned buildings in the downtown Allentown area, as well as maintenance services relating to skilled trades. Numerous modification tasks requiring carpentry, plumbing, electrical or mechanical skills have been undertaken within the downtown complex and far afield as the Game Preserve and Cedar View. This Bureau also provides after-hours building security as well as shipping and receiving duties to meet the county's needs.


Utility Services


The County of Lehigh: Vehicle Utility, is a sub-bureau, service bureau and is responsible for a broad range of services related to maintenance of over 200 vehicles and pieces of specialized and small power equipment which include; power mowers, chain saws, trimmers, pumps, etc. Preventative maintenance, repairs and state- mandated inspections are completed through in-house maintenance mechanics. Other areas of concentration involve a maintenance control process and the implementing of a vehicle replacement process based on; condition, age and function. This Bureau also operates the County's fuel dispensing system.