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Contact Information

 38 North Fourth Street
 Allentown, PA 18102

 D.O.C. Information:  610-782-3846


Department of Corrections

   High Level View Lehigh County Jail

Director of Corrections
Janine Donate

Assistant Director of Corrections
Carol Sommers

The mission of the Lehigh County Department of Corrections is to enhance public safety via the lawful confinement of offenders and targeted rehabilitative programming.  We provide a safe, healthful, and humane environment in which to live and work and we are committed to the furtherance of professional correctional standards. 

Lehigh County is a Home Rule Charter form of local government with an elected County Executive.  In accordance with our local Charter, the Director of Corrections, who is appointed by the County Executive and confirmed by the Board of Commissioners, assumes all roles, functions and responsibilities typically associated with a traditional Pennsylvania County Prison Board. 

The Lehigh County Department of Corrections operates two individual facilities located within the county:  Lehigh County Jail and Lehigh County Community Corrections Center.  Furthermore, the DOC oversees the detention and transportation of juvenile offenders. 

The Office of the Director is responsible for the overall administration of both facilities; ensuring each facility operation comports with state and federal constitutional standards and regulations, current case law, as well as to ensure that all personnel act in accordance with established policy and procedure.  The Director's office is also charged with the fiscal stewardship of these facilities and provides a critical linkage between the Department of Corrections, other branches of County government, as well as other law enforcement agencies and the community.  

Lastly, it is the responsibility of the Director to ensure that the noble pursuits of security and rehabilitation remain balanced with the greater pursuit: the principle of justice.