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What is Composting?

Organic materials naturally break down into a nutrient-rich, earthy substance. Composting  uses this process to make a valuable soil conditioner from organic waste like leaves, grass, and food scraps that would otherwise be thrown away. Composting saves landfill space, and the rich humus-like material produced by composting can be used as a beneficial soil amendment in gardens and potted plants.

Home Composting Tips:

Learn how to compost organic waste, like leaves, grass, and food scraps, in your own backyard!
Creating a Backyard Compost Pile

Municipally Owned Facilities Located In Lehigh County:

There are a number of municipally owned and operated composting and mulch manufacturing facilities in Lehigh County.  If you are interested in what your municipality has to offer, please contact them directly for information on what they accept, and the materials they have to distribute back to their residents. 

Note: Please remember that there may also be fees associated with using these programs to offset their operating costs.