Lehigh County - How to Vote with Touch Screen

How to use Touch Screen voting Machine

Lehigh County Touch Screen Voting Machine

  1. The voter inserts the voter access card into the machine until it clicks.
  2. Select a language - Touch START
  3. Read the Instructions (on this screen, the voter may select)
    • Large Text - if the ballot is to be shown in large text.
    • High Contrast - if the ballot is to be shown in black-on-white with no color.
  4. Touch NEXT
  5. A 'Loading Ballot' message may appear briefly once the NEXT button has been touched on the instruction page.
  6. Begin voting
    • To select a candidate, the voter touches the check box beside the candidate's name.
    • If you change your mind, touch the box again to deselect that candidate, and touch a different candidate of your choice.
    • Be sure to vote for all offices on the page.
    • Continue touching NEXT at the bottom of the page until all pages have been voted.
  7. After all pages have been voted, the NEXT button advances the voter to the Summary Screen for review.
  8. Once the voter reviews the summary page, they will be given the option to either change their vote or cast their ballot.
    • To make a change - Touch the office you wish to change and that screen will appear. Make the change. Touch SUMMARY at the bottom of the page and you will be returned to the summary page to, once again, review.
    • To cast your ballot - Touch CAST BALLOT to access the Ballot confirmation screen. It will ask you if you are sure you want to cast your ballot. If you want to make more changes touch BACK, if you are satisfied with your selections touch CAST BALLOT. If you select CAST BALLOT, a screen will come up telling you that your vote has been recorded.
  9. Your Voter Access Card will pop out.
    • The screen will remind you to remove the Voter Access Card and return it to a poll worker.

How To vote For Write-in Candidates

  1. Touch the check box beside Write-In
  2. A touch keyboard appears on the screen
  3. Type in the candidates name exactly as it should appear
  4. Touch the Record Write-In button to record this candidate, or touch the Cancel button to return to the ballot without recording a candidate's name.