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Grantee Financial Information

As per Ordinance NO.2017-131 please refer to the links to the left for more information from organizations and entities who have submitted applications to Lehigh County for funding. For any questions in regards to the ordinance, or information provided, please call the Lehigh County's Department of Community and Economic Development (610) 782-3565.





Current & previous fiscal years’ budgets

Audited financial statements for the previous two fiscal years  The RALC did not have an audit prepared for its initial year of operation (2023) because of limited activity.

Positions of employees, officers, and board members who receive $50,000 or more in annual compensation, including bonuses, from the requesting organization  The Executive Director is a third-party contractor and is not an employee of the organization.

Total compensation of the organization’s five highest compensated individuals  Christopher Gulotta, the RALC third-party Executive Director, received $18,040.84 in 2023.

List of all funding sources & the total amount received from each funding source for the previous year along with a list of all funding sources for the current year including a list of all pending applications for funding and the amount requested