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Hispanic Center Lehigh Valley

Current & previous year budgets

Current audited financial statement

Previous audited financial statement

Positions of all employees, officers, and board members who receive $50,000 or more in annual compensation, including bonuses, from the requesting organization:  NONE

Total compensation of the organizations' five (5) highest compensated individuals:  $179,725

Funding sources from previous year

Funding sources from current year



The Salvation Army

Current year financial budget

Previous year financial budget

Current year funding sources: 

  • The accountant provided the funding sources for the current year but didn't count this Grant.  The Resource Manager reports that she has pending a Grant for 19/20 which has been confirmed for 19/20 by the United Way in the amount of $50,000 and that she has completed reapplications for Trexler Trust in the amount of $50,000 and another to the City of Allentown for ESG for $41,253.
  • The Shelter was awarded $166,312 for 19/20 by HUD for our PHP, $12,000 from CACFP, and $85,000 from LC C&Y. 

Previous year funding sources

Total compensation of the five highest compensated positions and those receiving $50,000 or more: 

  • The total compensation of the organization's five (5) highest compensated individuals (sum not separate amount) is $278,754.59.
  • Shelter Director, Caseworker, and Monitor positions receive $50,000 or more per year.

Audited financial statement 2017

Audited financial statement 2018