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Board of Assessment Appeals Information

As of 2/6/23 - Appeals process and forms revised to include filing fees per County of Lehigh Ordinance No. 2023-101

BAA Filing Fees Schedule

Appeal Form for All Properties

Appeal Hearing Request to Re-Schedule/WD

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Procedures, Rules & Regulations


Office of Assessment

Government Center
Room 517
17 South Seventh Street
Allentown, PA 18101-2401
Phone: 610-782-3038
Fax : 610-871-1442

On-Line Access to County Assessment Records

An assessment is a percentage of the appraised value of your property as of a specific date, called the "base year", which for Lehigh County is 2013, the effective date of the last County-wide reassessment. At that time, the County Commissioners selected the assessment percentage, known as the "predetermined ratio" to be 100% of the Fair Market Value. The Assessed Value is used as a basis for Real Estate tax. Throughout the year, the Assessment Office is responsible for maintaining the assessment rolls. This means that new assessments are added through new construction, and some assessments are reduced due to circumstances like razed buildings, fire damage, etc.

Property owners who are dissatisfied with the assessment of their property may file an appeal with the Board of Assessment Appeals.  The Board of Assessment Appeals will only accept an "original" signed appeal received on or before August 1st of every year, along with the filing fee; or an Interim Appeal - by the date indicated on the Change of Assessment Notice.  Postmarks and faxed appeals will not be accepted as evidence of timely filing.


Clean and Green

"Clean and Green"

Clean and Green is a preferential tax assessment program, that bases property taxes on use values rather than fair market values. This ordinarily results in a tax savings for landowners. The Pennsylvania General Assembly enacted the program in 1974 as a tool to encourage protection of the Commonwealth's valuable farmland, forest land and open spaces. Currently, more than 9.3 million acres are enrolled statewide.

A property must be ten acres in size, and in Agricultural Use, Agricultural Reserve, or Forest Reserve. Agricultural Use applications may be less than 10 acres in size if the property is capable of generating at least $2,000 annually in farm income.

319 Application

319 Conveyance Form
PA Department of Agriculture - Clean and Green
Clean and Green Regulation