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Lehigh County Park Locations

Our parks and trails offer diverse active and passive recreation activities.  You can hike, bike, participate in sports, picnic, explore our history, or just relax in peaceful natural settings.  The parks are listed in the box on the left.  Click on the link for more information on each park.


1.  Trexler Nature Preserve

2.  Bob Rodale Park and Velodrome

3.  Jordan Creek Parkway

4.  Cedar Creek Parkway West

5.  Lock Ridge Park and Furnace Museum

6.  Cedar Creek Parkway East and Haines Mill Museum

7.  Leaser Lake

8.  Trexler Environmental Education Center

9.  Saylor Park and Cement Kilns

10.  Walking Purchase Park

11.  South Mountain Big Rock Park



Click here for directions to the parks.