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Trexler Environmental Center

4935 Orchard Road
Schnecksville, PA 18078-2554

Trexler Nature Preserve Virtual Environmental Education Programming - Join us for virtually guided visits through the Nature Preserve. Each program will offer a different education experience. 

TNP Parking Changes - Effective immediately, all parking in the Geiger's Bridge parking area (kiosk 18) is ADA parking only. Other users could continue on Old Packhouse Road and park in the old compost center area. There are spur trails to connect the parking to the Covered Bridge (ADA) trail and the Border trail.

Park Image

Located in the Central Range of the Trexler Nature Preserve, the Trexler Environmental Center is a working example of state of the art sustainable building practices for the 21st century. The building has earned Gold Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification for its environmentally friendly features and construction.

The building houses satellite offices for the County Parks Department and PA Bureau of Forestry. There is also a community room for environmental education and meetings. The building also has restroom facilities for TNP visitors and trail users.

TEC is located at one of the highest points at TNP and positioned to take advantage of the solar path and prevailing winds throughout the year. The rooftop observation area offers spectacular panoramic views of the Trexler Nature Preserve and surrounding areas. From here, one can also observe some the building’s “green” features. Some of the green features in the building include:

1. Use of renewable materials for construction.
2. Geothermal heating and cooling systems.
3. Solar panels that provide a significant portion of the energy needs of the building.
4. Pervious concrete outside to reduce surface runoff.
5. Bird friendly, “low E” glass panels that provide natural light while reducing radiant heat gain.
6. Deep overhangs to reduce heating from direct sunlight during summer months.
7. Vegetative roof areas to reduce cooling needs and reduce storm water runoff.
8. Rainwater harvesting to provide non-potable water needs in restrooms.

Trexler Environmental Center hosts programs from the
Wildlands Conservancy, PA Bureau of Forestry, and PA Game Commission throughout the year.