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Welcome to The Trexler Nature Preserve

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Wildlands Conservancy Virtual Educational Programs at Trexler Nature Preserve

Wildlands Conservancy: Science in Nature at Trexler Nature Preserve

Science in Nature:  Curiosity, experimentation, and discovery- unearth the thrill of science, technology and engineering, and the beauty of the natural world. What will you create? What part of nature will inspire you? Put your STEM glasses on through many hands-on experiments and investigations

wood turtle     Click the link to Discover The Science in Nature

Wildlands Conservancy: Eco-Friends at Trexler Nature Preserve

Eco-Friends: Campers- use your imagination and energy to tackle an eco-fun mission! Meet and Greet some Wildlands education animals and investigate the park through exploration and games. Make sure to share your newly found eco-wealth with your family. 

frog    Click the link to begin your ECO-FUN Mission!