The Seed Farm

The Seed Farm

The Seed Farm, located at 5854 Vera Cruz Rd. S., Emmaus, PA, offers new farmer training and a farm business incubator. The project was initiated by Lehigh County in 2009, and The Seed Farm was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in 2010. 


The Seed Farm uses its training farm to provide new farmers with practical experience and skills that are critical to successful farm operation, including sustainable production methods, marketing, equipment use and maintenance, and business planning. Many of these training activities and workshops are available to the general public as well as to the farming community.


The agricultural business incubator provides new farmers with access to land, equipment and infrastructure so that they may launch farm businesses on The Seed Farm's site. Incubator plots from 1/8 - 5+ acres are available to new farmers, depending on level of experience and farming goals. Applications to join The Seed Farm's incubator program are due by December 1. Applicants are encouraged to contact TSF staff far in advance of the Dec 1 deadline to ensure that all necessary criteria for acceptance (growing experience, business plan, etc.) are met.


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Lindsey Parks, Executive Director