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Lehigh County Coroner's Office & Forensic Center
4350 Broadway
Allentown, PA. 18104

Phone: 610-782-3426
Fax: 610-820-8271

Daniel A. Buglio, D-ABMDI
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The Lehigh County Coroner, Daniel A. Buglio, is accountable directly to the Citizens of Lehigh County for the responsibilities of the Office of Coroner as mandated by Pennsylvania Law.

Mission: To Investigate the cause of death, and determine the manner of death, of persons who die within the boundaries of Lehigh County.

The Office: An independent office that investigates and documents the facts and circumstances surrounding deaths over which the Coroner's Office has jurisdiction.

The Pennsylvania Coroner System is a direct descendant of the English Coroner System developed in that country 600 years ago. The word Coroner is derivative of "Crowner," slang for Keepers of the Pleas of Crown. Today's Coroner is an elected Row Officer heading a team of professional investigators utilizing the modern crime-fighting tools of computers, laboratories and specialized forensic education. 

The Lehigh County Coroner's Office is nationally accredited by the International Association of Coroners and Medical Examiners since 2005