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Lehigh County Courthouse 
Room 122
455 W. Hamilton Street
Allentown, PA 18101-1614

Chief Deputy, 
Jill Herschman

Asst. Chief Deputy, 
Catherine Ruth

Phone: 610-782-3077
Fax:  610-871-2896


Criminal Document Requests



Criminal Division

The Criminal Division maintains all criminal related Court records and is responsible for the following:

  1. Process case records for Adult and Juvenile criminal matters;
  2. Collect bail (cash only for monetary bail), issue and distribute refunds, and maintain all records with respect to bail deposits.  Maintain record of bail bond agencies; (Bail guidelines)
  3. Accept, process and record the filings of appeals to Higher Courts; (Notice of Appeal)
  4. Assess court costs and prepare Certificate of Costs according to law for Lehigh County Bureau of Collections;
  5. Accept, process and record the filing of Summary Appeals; (Summary Appeal)
  6. Accept, process and record the filing of Road Dockets;
  7. Record and docket Administrative Court Orders;
  8. Process, issue, and record Private Detective Licenses and Bonds; (Requirements for Private Detective)
  9. Process Forfeitures;
  10. Process, issue, and record Constables and Deputy Constables Bonds (appointed and elected);
  11. Process, issue, and record Tax Collectors Bonds, Oaths, and Appointment (appointed and elected);
  12. Accept, process and record the filing of criminal Expungements; (Expungement)
  13. Certify criminal court records;
  14. Accept, process and record miscellaneous criminal motions and petitions such as liquor license appeals, municipal matters, etc.
  15. Provide copies of criminal document as requested. Any information relating to copies, please email

Court Clerks perform various Courtroom duties during Court sessions including administering oaths to witnesses and defendants, document the Court’s dictation of orders and other proceedings (guilty pleas, ARD, DUI, bail, Gagnon hearings, etc.).  Upon completion of the Court proceedings the Clerk immediately dockets the information into the case management system.

Lehigh County Criminal, Miscellaneous, and Summary Appeal Dockets can be viewed on the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts website.