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Fiscal Mission Statement

The Lehigh County Office of Fiscal Affairs will continue to provide services to the Citizens of Lehigh County as well as to the various Offices of County Government. Support services will also be provided to various Municipalities and School Districts in the area of tax bill preparation, dissemination, and collection. The primary goals of the Office of Fiscal Affairs are three fold:

  1. To maintain the sound financial position of the County.
  2. To continue to promote fiscal integrity among the Departments, Offices, and Bureaus operating within County Government.
  3. To provide financial analysis and various alternatives to County management when evaluating present County operating practices.

To accomplish these goals the Fiscal Office will continue to monitor departmental revenues and expenditures, operating trends, and previous policies established to maintain the sound financial condition. Specific areas of focus will be on cash management practices, the continued re-engineering of various financial operations, and the various requirements passed down to the County from the Federal government and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.