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The Lehigh County Office of Emergency Services is a multi-faceted agency providing various services to the citizens and visitors of Lehigh County. These services include:

Important News


EMI Learning Management System (LMS) Rollout July 10th, 2023

To ensure a smooth transition, there will be an outage period from 6/30/2023 to 7/10/2023

EMI Learning Management System (LMS) Rollout Update #1

We're excited to announce that the new LMS rollout is scheduled for 7/10/2023! To  ensure a smooth transition, there will be an outage period from 6/30/2023 to 7/10/2023.

Here's what students need to know:  

The Independent Study site and exams (formerly located on Emergency Management Institute | Independent Study Program (IS) (fema.gov)) will be unavailable starting 6/30/2023.

Independent Study Transcript requests (formerly accessible via the EMI student portal at (Emergency Management Institute (EMI) | Student Portal (fema.gov)) will be unavailable starting 6/30/2023.

Once the new system is live, students must log in to access their records and Independent Study Courses. Prepare your account for the new system:

Verify and update your FEMA SID information by clicking on "Edit Profile" in FEMA Student Identification (SID) System (dhs.gov).Self-help actions and FAQs are available.

Review your Student Transcript (Independent Study only) at EMI Student Portal at Emergency Management Institute (EMI) | Student Portal (fema.gov). Ensure your SID information is up to date before this step.

Verify your transcript for accuracy and make necessary corrections before the new system goes live.

Learn more about the change and prepare your account for the transition: https://training.fema.gov/news/

Pandemic Information

A pandemic is a global outbreak that occurs when a new virus appears or “emerges” in the human population, causes serious illness and then spreads easily from person to person worldwide. 

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Annual Physical Info

Lehigh Valley Pre-Admission can be contacted @ 610-402-8378, press option #1. You now have the option of Cedar Crest or Muhlenberg campus for your labs. Health Works of Lehigh Valley can be reached @ 610-402-9675.

Remember you MUST identify yourself as a Lehigh County HAZARDOUS MATERIALS RESPONSE TEAM MEMBER



Managing the Emotional Consequences of Contact Tracing

Presenter: Steve Crimando MA, CHPP, CTM

Webinar PDF | Webinar Recording

RADAR Managing Hostile Encounters

Presenter: Steve Crimando MA, CHPP, CTM 

Webinar PDF | Webinar Recording