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Commissioners’ Meeting Announcements:

The public is invited to attend our Board of Commissioner meetings in person (MASKS RECOMMENDED) or virtually via ZOOM.

The Courts & Corrections Committee will meet on Tuesday, December 5th at 6:30 p.m. via ZOOM only.

Click here for ZOOM instructions.


The next Board of Commissioners meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 6th at 7:30 p.m.

Instructions will be posted soon.



  • District Commissioners:
Terms expire January, 2026


Terms expire January, 2024


Board of Commissioners

Government Center - Rm 408
(Public Hearing Room 111)
17 South Seventh Street
Allentown, PA. 18101-2400
Phone: 610-782-3050     Fax: 610-871-2886

 The Board of Commissioners is the legislative branch of County government and has all the legislative powers that may be exercised by the County under the Constitution, the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Lehigh County Home Rule Charter.

Some of the Board's powers are:
To enact, amend or repeal ordinances, resolutions, and motions; to make appropriations; to incur indebtedness; to adopt the budget; to levy taxes, assessments and service charges; and to adopt the Administrative Code and the Personnel Code. 

 Map of Commissioners Districts

To email an individual Commissioner, please click on their name below. If you want to email all Commissioners as a group, please click on "Board of Commissioners" above.

*Hours by appointment only. Please call 610-782-3050 to schedule.*


County Commissioners

 Click to View Antonio Pineda
 Antonio Pineda
 District 1 
Click to View Profile Ron Beitler
Ron Beitler
District 2
 Click to View Zach Cole-Borghi
Zach Cole-Borghi
District 3
Click to View Profile
Geoff Brace
District 4
 Click to View Profile Jeffery Dutt
Jeffrey Dutt
District 5
Click to View Profile
Bob Elbich
Click to View Profile
Dave Harrington
Click to View Profile
Dan Hartzell
Zakiya Smalls
Zakiya Smalls