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Upon all sales where the preparation of a Schedule of Distribution is required, the Schedule will be posted online and be available for inspection in the sheriff's office not later than thirty (30) days after sale. A Deed will be delivered to the PURCHASER and distribution will be made in accordance with the Schedule unless exceptions are filed.

On sales where the preparation of a Schedule of Distribution is not required, a Deed will be delivered to the PURCHASER after the expiration of twenty (20) days from the sale, unless objections are filed to the sale within that period. More

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Information that appears on this website is provided as a courtesy to the public. Changes may occur before this information is updated and you are advised not to rely upon the information posted without verifying its accuracy with other court dockets or by contacting the Sheriff's Office or consulting an attorney.

Joseph N. Hanna
Sheriff of Lehigh County, Pa.

Joseph N. Hanna, Sheriff
David M. Backenstoe, County Solicitor
Charles Smith, Assistant County Solicitor


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