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Lehigh County Government Center
17 South Seventh Street, Allentown PA 18101-2401
: 610-782-3073
Fax: 610-871-1186

It is the job of the Lehigh County Solid Waste Management Department to manage and ensure that solid waste and recyclable materials are handled in an environmentally safe, reliable and efficient manner.

Lehigh County will be holding a household hazardous waste collection event for COUNTY RESIDENTS ONLY.  This does not include commercial contractors, businesses, or establishments.

This event will be held on October 28th, 2017.  

In order to participate, Lehigh County residents must first pre-register for this event, and then produce identification with a valid Lehigh County address when you arrive on the day of the event.  To pre-register for the event, please fill out the Registration Form.  You will be provided with additional information at that time regarding acceptable materials, times, and location.

For additional information on alternative suggestions to disposal, or for contact information for commercial entities who collect these items for a fee contact us at (610)782-3073.

Composting Site: Location & Hours of Operation

  Note: We are no longer accepting any materials at the County's facility.  There is material for sale though. Please click on "Composting" for more information.


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