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Letter From The Controller
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Letter From The Controller

2022 represents the midpoint of my first term as Controller.  I'm pleased to say that not only have I fulfilled my obligation as the fiscal watchdog of Lehigh County, but I've identified areas where the county can improve upon policy and make our various departments more efficient. 

Throughout my first two years, we've investigated cash bail and examined the impact it’s had on Lehigh County residents, put forth suggestions on reducing the county's carbon footprint and most importantly identified $1.6 million in savings in our healthcare spending. 

During my run I promised to bring a spirit of innovation, apply my decades of experience managing large corporations and multi-million-dollar budgets and promote progress for Lehigh County and its 374,000 residents.  I feel extraordinarily grateful for the opportunity to serve as Lehigh County Controller.  I look forward to continuing to find potential savings and continue evaluating county programs to ensure that our dollars are spent wisely and our programs are as effective as possible.

I also want to extend my enormous gratitude to my audit staff who have made all of these projects a reality.  Their tireless dedication and commitment to excellence, accuracy and integrity deserve the praise of the entire county.  They're steadfast work has contributed enormously to the office's continued success in protecting every dollar of taxpayer money.  They're experience and wisdom have made me a better leader and further enhanced my understanding of our county government.  They are unseen heroes of public service.

The following are highlights of my first two years:

  • Identified over $1.6 million in savings in county healthcare spending through reducing our overspending on prescription drugs and choosing a new reimbursement strategy from our pharmacy benefit managers.
  • Evaluated our prison phone contract which forces inmates and their families to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in charges to communicate during their sentences.  This double-tax on our residents and our most financially vulnerable to incur additional expenses during the already traumatic and destabilizing impact of having an incarcerated loved one.
  • Investigated the use of bail by magisterial district judges including average amount and type of crime, and suggested alternative sentencing systems that limited the use of cash-bail to only the most egregious offenses.
  • Proposed a power-purchase agreement which would transition the county to being 100% reliant on renewable energy to limit our carbon footprint and reduce our contribution to climate change.
  • Proposed a composting and jobs training program for county inmates to reduce recidivism and save the county money on solid waste costs.