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Child Care Tips

Here are some criteria that may assist you in assessing the quality of each childcare program you visit.


•  Are staff trained and experienced in working with children?

•  Is the staff responsible and enthusiastic as they interact with children?

•  Does the ratio of adults to children comply with state requirements?

•  Are children given individual attention and treated with respect?

•  Does staff have a sense of humor?

•  Is the facility accredited?

•  Do all staff have child abuse clearances and criminal clearances?


•  Are there smoke detectors and fire extinguishers?

•  Where young children are cared for, are gates placed in stairways?

•  Is the facility clean and orderly?

•  Is the outdoor play area safe?

•  Are emergency drills held regularly?

•  What does the facility look like from our child's height?

•  Are emergency phone numbers posted?


•  Are rooms clean, bright and well vented?

•  Is there a policy regarding care for sick children?

•  Do children spend part of the day outside?

•  Do children receive nutritious meals and snacks?

•  Are hand-washing procedures followed by staff and children?

•  Do children have a rest time each day? Does each child have his/her own

    crib, cot or mat?


•  Do children appear to be interested?

•  Is the program designed to enhance growth and development?

•  Do children have some free time each day?

•  Does the staff post a schedule of activities?

•  Are special events and field trips held?

•  Are there enough books, paints, blocks, musical toys, games, puzzles,


•  Is there enough space for all activities?


•  Do you feel comfortable leaving your child a the program?

•  Is there a parent hand book which outlines the program's policies, including

    those related to injury, sickness, etc.?

•  Do the children appear happy? Is there a lot of laughing, hugging and


•  Are parents encouraged to visit any time?

•  Does the staff greet and talk with each parent/child as they arrive?

•  Are references provided?


•  Do the hours of service meet your needs?

•  What is the cost?

•  Is the location convenient for you?

•  Does the provider participate in a subsidy program?


Lehigh County Office of Children and Youth Services  - 610.782.3064