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Assessment and Care Management

Nursing Home Assessments are face to face assessments conducted to determine an individual's eligibility for State-funded nursing facility care. Personal Care Home Assessments are for individuals residing in a personal care home and eligible to receive a personal care assessment. As part of the application process, an assessment must be completed by your local Area Agency on Aging.

Community Assessments (Home-based supportive services) are face to face assessments conducted with individuals and families to determine eligibility for State or County funded services. Supportive services may include: Waiver, OPTIONS, and Caregiver Support Program. Consumers and family members interested in applying for the Aging Waiver Program can contact the Independent Enrollment Broker, Maximus at 1-877-550-4227.

Care Management Activities through AAA serve as a coordinative link between the identification of consumer needs and timely provision of appropriate services to meet those needs by utilizing all available resources. Care Management is a service to develop a person-centered plan of care to meet the consumer's needs in coordination with formal and informal supports. It supports the consumer's individual preferences and independence with a focus on health and safely, and is based on his/her lifestyle, cultural needs and frame of reference. Care Management also provides on-going monitoring and reassessment of care plan to assure consumer's needs are met. Activities include, at a minimum, a comprehensive needs assessment of the consumer; development of a written care plan; arrangement, coordination, and follow-up of service delivery; and ongoing case recording. Care Management can be offered as a stand alone service to consumers who need support and assistance of a Care Manager and are not receiving other services.

For additional information about Assessment and Care Management, or to make a referral, please contact the Lehigh County Information and Referral Unit at (610) 782-3200.