Volunteer Ombudsman

Did you know?

Sixty percent of consumers residing in long-term care facilities never receive a visitor.

Ombudsman's visible presence in long-term care facilities improves the quality of care.

Routine visitation results in enhanced quality of life.

A Volunteer Ombudsman is a community neighbor who is specially trained to find answers and resolve simple problems older adults experience in the long-term care system.  The Lehigh County Office of Aging and Adult Services is looking for volunteers who enjoy visiting with others, helping to find answers, and have three or four hours a month available to join the Ombudsman Team.

After completing training, Ombudsman may:

  • Visit with consumers of long-term care services and take time to listen to concerns on a person-to-person basis about treatment or quality of care;
  • Educate consumers, their families and long-term care providers to the rights of consumers;
  • Encourage Self-Resolution;
  • Advocate for Residents' rights and Quality of Care;
  • Promote development of Resident and Family Councils;
  • Make referrals to the agency to conduct investigations.

If you are interested in making a difference in the life of a person residing in a nursing home or personal care/assisted living facility, consider becoming a Volunteer Ombudsman.  Please contact Aging & Adult Services at (610) 782-3034 or complete and mail the application form.