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Magellan Member/Provider Resources

Magellan of PA website:

Lehigh County Magellan Member Handbook Lehigh County Magellan Member Handbook (español)

New videos help members, families access services:

Magellan has produced two videos for members and their families to help them become informed and active participants in their own healthcare plans and decisions. Hosted by peers who share their lived experiences with behavioral health services, each video answers common questions, addresses the apprehension some individuals may feel when seeking or receiving these services, and helps them understand what to expect.

The videos provide key information, as well as tips and resources, in an easy-to-understand format. Below are the topics and links to the videos:

·         Getting help for mental health challenges

·         Taking psychiatric medication: It’s your choice


Suicide Prevention Month

Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

For September Suicide Prevention Awareness Month and throughout the year, Magellan Healthcare is committed to addressing the public health crisis of suicide through awareness, empowerment and action.  We encourage you to use the information and resources on this site and share.

Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

You can learn more about the ecosystem of care they have developed to address suicide, including solutions for commercial health plans, employers, state and local governments, and the Federal government, in the Taking action to prevent suicide information sheet.

For resources visit:


Magellan Behavioral Health

  • For information related to Magellan Behavioral Health, HealthChoices Services, member handbook, eligibility, etc., please call the Lehigh Magellan member line at 1-866-238-2311 or for TTY (PA Relay 7-1-1). Information can also be accessed by clicking on the following link:
  • For concerns or comments about the Lehigh County HealthChoices Program and/or Magellan Behavioral Health, you can:
    • Contact the Consumer and Family Satisfaction Team through Recovery Partnership at 610-861-2741 or,
    • Contact HealthChoices staff member Andrew Lazo ( at 610-782-3520 or,
    • Contact HealthChoices staff member Christine Fratrik ( at 610-782-3842.

Magellan Updates

Magellan Healthcare logo

Your mental health resources

New! Intensive Behavioral Health Services (IBHS) summary video featuring representatives from local provider agencies, Lehigh County, and Magellan of Pennsylvania! 

 "Media Impact on Mental Health"

  • Learn more in this white paper from Magellan Federal
Resources for National Depression and Mental Health Awareness and Screening Month 
New! Updated Magellan monograph
  • Find the award-winning Appropriate Use of Psychotropic Drugs in Children and Adolescents: Important Issues and Evidence-Based Treatments at
New! National Quality Forum (NQF) Committee, co-chaired by Magellan's Dr. Caroline Carney, report  
  • Healthcare stakeholders are encouraged to explore the report, "Opioid-Related Outcomes Among Individuals With Co-occurring Behavioral Health Conditions," for guidance to successfully implement the Opioids and Behavioral Health Measurement Framework to ultimately combat the opioid crisis, here.
New! Magellan Healthcare Specialty Trends 2022 
  • Delve into Magellan’s clinical experts’ insights on the latest developments in radiology, cardiology, interventional pain management, orthopedics, spine surgery, physical medicine and radiation oncology here.
New behavioral health videos

Visit for new videos:

  • How to Get Help During a Mental Health Crisis
  • Understanding Postpartum Depression
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): How It Works
  • 5 Ways to Manage Your Emotions
  • 5 Ways to Cope When Things Feel Out of Control
  • Choosing a Counselor or Therapist for Your Child

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Quarterly Connection

Magellan Health

Important Resources to Improve the Provider Workforce Situation
A message from Jim Leonard, CEO, Magellan Behavioral Health of Pennsylvania, Inc.

Health and human services providers at a local, statewide, and national level continue to have a challenging time related to the hiring and retention of employees.  At Magellan, we are taking tangible steps in collaboration with our county partners and provider network to educate students and young professionals about immediate job opportunities. Read more

June is Pride Month - Celebrate the LGBTQIA+ - Magellan and our county partners encourage provider support for LGBTQIA+ individuals by participating in community events and in communications. Read more

BIPOC Mental Health and Relationships Webinar on July 26  - July is BIPOC Mental Health Awareness Month.  Magellan will host a July 26 webinar to discuss the impact of mental health on relationships. Read more

Additional Provider Performance Standards are Available New documents and updated documents have been added to our library of Provider Performance Standards located on the Magellan website. Read more 

Community resources including food pantries, utility support and more -  Our website offers local, state and national helpful resources.  Read more

Resources for Ukrainian & Russian Refugees in Bucks County A Bucks County Workgroup is creating additional resources for Ukrainian and Russian refugees to include Magellan website supports. Read more

Jenna Woodward Receives Bucks County CSP Champion Award -  The Community Support Program (CSP) of Bucks County recognized Jenna Woodward of Magellan with their annual award in May. Read more

6th Annual S.T.A.R. Summit in Cambria County -  This event included positive stories of recovery and resiliency.  Highlights included 11 award presentations, workshops, and a keynote address. Read more

Important updates for providers -  Provider Focus is updated frequently to include important local updates and information critical to your day-to-day operations.  You will find other updates on our websites under "For Providers."


eMpowered for Wellness!


eMpowered for Wellness!
Peer Support Whole Heart and Wellness e-news

Videos tell compelling stories of peers making a difference
A message from Tom Lane, CRPS, senior director, consumer and recovery services

In this special edition of eMpowered for Wellness, we feature Magellan Healthcare's new videos highlighting the role of peer and parent/family peer support in the behavioral health recovery process. Six Magellan staff members who represent a range of peer and family support services in the organization highlight their unique experience and success with helping others. I am honored to have participated in this exciting project.

At Magellan, we employ highly skilled individuals with lived experience both directly and indirectly, through our provider networks across the country, and actively include peers and family peers as part of the recovery process. Their work is unique and powerful.

We are proud of our peer workforce. We encourage you to view the videos and share them with others.

'As the first company to recognize the critical role of peer support in the recovery process 17 years ago, Magellan considers peer/family peer support to be an invaluable service to our members.'
- Tom Lane, CRPS, senior director, consumer and recovery services

See the videos

Participants discuss how they offer support, strength and hope to their peers, which allows for personal growth, wellness promotion and recovery. View the following videos on our E-Learning Center.

  • Pilo Bueno, director, recovery and resiliency, Magellan/Presbyterian Healthcare Services, New Mexico
  • Cheryl DeHaven, manager, recovery and resiliency, Magellan of Virginia
  • Elyse Hunt, peer recovery navigator, Magellan of Virginia
  • Pat Hunt (family peer support), director, child and family resiliency services, Magellan Healthcare
  • Tom Lane, senior director, consumer and recovery services, Magellan Healthcare
  • Alex Ramos, peer support specialist, Magellan Complete Care of Florida Read more about peer services on our national Recovery and Resiliency E-Learning Center,MagellanHealth Training. If you would like to be added to Magellan’s eMpowered for Wellness e-mail distribution list, please send a message to