OCYS Advisory Board

The Lehigh County Office of Children and Youth created its Advisory Board in 1963. The Advisory Board was adopted so that the agency can bridge the gap between the community and agency through integrating a team of Lehigh County employees and various child advocates in the community.

The Advisory Board’s role is to assist the County Executive, County Commissioners, Director of Human Services, and the Executive Director of Children and Youth in examining the operations and policies of the agency, and to make such recommendations, as the board deems advisable. The Board also ensures that Lehigh County follows the Best Practice Standards in the child welfare field.

The Lehigh County Advisory Board consists of many active participants from the community. Various disciplines and backgrounds are represented through the membership. This unique combination of child advocates share the same passion to protect the voices of Lehigh County children. In addition to being members of the Advisory Board, each member is required to actively participate in at least one sub-committee of their choice.

The Lehigh County Office of Children and Youth Advisory Board meets once a month, every third Tuesday at the Lehigh County Government Center. The board does not meet in the months of July and August.

If you are interested in joining the Advisory Board, please contact Sharon Reichenbach at 610-782-3303.

Current Board Members

Ara Barlieb Marguerite Mutchler 
Catherine Caracio Dr. Jason Raines, Vice President     
Stefan Goslawski   Susan Ungerer, Secretary        
Paula Margraf, President    Pamela Wallace, Treasurer    
Robbie Matthews Ronald Young, Jr.   

Lehigh County Staff Representatives

Paula R. Roberts, MSW  Sharon L. Reichenbach