Halfway Home

                                                            What is a Halfway Home?

A Halfway House is a community-based residential treatment and rehabilitation facility that provides services for chemically dependent persons in a supportive, chemical-free environment. While this setting does provide substance abuse treatment, it also emphasizes protective and supportive elements of family living. Mutual self-help assistance in economic / social adjustment, and integration of life skills into daily life, as well as a solid program of recovery, are encouraged. Clients entering this environment must have already had some experience in another type of drug and alcohol treatment. A Halfway House is a live in / work out environment, with a typical length of stay being 3 to 6 months.

Halfway Home of the Lehigh Valley provides residential treatment for chemically dependent adults for the first 30 days. Thereafter, the program transitions the client to accessing employment in addition to providing counseling. The program requires attendance at 12-step meetings and provides peer support, vocational, social and recreational activities to bridge the gap between initial recovery and productive return to the community. Halfway Home is a division of Treatment Trends, Inc. 

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