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Below are the trainings that have been requested through the Department of Drug and Alcohol (DDAP) Training Management System (TMS).   All trainings will be $10 per person, per day (non refundable).  All trainings are in classroom from 9:00AM-4:00PM, unless otherwise stated.   In order to attend a training, you must first set up a free account in DDAP TMS.  Once you have your account set up you may request to be registered, by emailing  If there are no available seats you will be wait listed.

Spring 2024                                                                              

Approved - Course Requests Submitted:
3/7/24 Case Management Skills / 6hrs - Before registering for the Case Management Skills Training, you must complete the online Case Management Overview module.
2-day training 3/14/24
Prevention 101 part 1 / 3hrs 1pm - 4pm
Prevention 101 part 2 / 6hrs
Enabling and Boundaries in Family Recovery

 4/4/24 The Impact of Substance Use Disorder On Parenting and Children / 3hrs  9am-12pm
4/16/24 Screening and Assessment / 6hrs
4/30/24 Addictions 101 / 6hrs
2-day training 5/13/24
Motivational Interviewing: 1 of 2 / 6hrs
Motivational Interviewing: 2 of 2 / 6hrs


TB/STD/Hepatitis / 4hrs  9am- 1 pm

Pending - Course Requests Submitted:

8/27/24  Ethics / 6hrs

For more information, please contact the Lehigh County Drug & Alcohol Department at 610-782-3555,