Below are the trainings that have been requested through the Department of Drug and Alcohol (DDAP) Training Management System (TMS).  All trainings will be $10 per person, per day.  All trainings are in classroom from 9AM - 4PM, unless otherwise stated.

Courses Approved by DDAP in TMS

10/05/2021          Confidentiality

10/19/2021          Screening and Assessment

11/02/2021          Ethics

11/29/2021 & 11/30/2021         2-day training - Motivational Interviewing: Advancing the Practice

11/16/2021          Addictions 101

12/07/2021          TB/STD/Hepatitis     9:00AM - 1:00PM

12/21/2021          Basic HIV

12/28/2021          Cultural Competency

01/18/2022          Case Management Skills Before registering for this course, you must complete the online Case Management Overview module.

02/15/22 & 02/16/22         2-day training - Prevention 101: 

   Mastering the Basics (part 1 1:00PM - 4:00PM), 

             Case Study and Application (part 2) 

Courses Awaiting Approval by DDAP in TMS

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