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The process of enrolling


How to Get Started

To start the process of enrolling with Lehigh County Intellectual Disabilities, please contact our Information and Referral Unit at 610-782-3200.

The person taking your call with Information and Referral will ask you basic demographic information and then pass that information on to the Lehigh County Intellectual Disabilities eligibility worker.


The eligibility worker will contact you by telephone within two days of your call to Information and Referral. This worker will ask you for the diagnosis of the individual you are referring. This diagnosis can be found in any one of the following:
  1. an IQ score
  2. a psychological evaluation
  3. a school Evaluation Report (ER)


If you need help to get this information, the eligibility worker will work with you to help locate and gather the necessary information. If this information is not available, the eligibility worker will arrange to have the necessary testing completed by our psychologist at Lehigh County’s expense.


Once eligibility is determined, a supports coordinator will be assigned to the individual. This supports coordinator will contact you and the individual within two weeks to set up a time at your convenience to meet with you. At that time the supports coordinator will get to know the individual, help determine his/her needs, and explain the Intellectual Disabilities system.