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Consumer Protection

Allentown Human Relations Commission

435 Hamilton Street

Room 107

Allentown, PA 18101


Provides protection from discrimination and harassment, as well as information and mediation for landlord/tenant disputes and employee/employer disputes.

United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

801 Market Street - Suite 1000

Philadelphia, PA 19107-3126


Investigates/addresses employment discrimination complaints.

Department of State Bureau of Charitable Organizations 1-800-732-0999

To obtain valuable financial information about the organizations.  They find out if the organizations are registered to solicit.

Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission

1101-1125 S. Front Street

Riverfront Office Center

5th floor

Harrisburg, PA 17104


Provides answers about the commission, our procedures and our role within Pennsylvania.  Investigates complaints of discrimination and monitors bias related crimes.

Bureau of Consumer Protection

Strawberry Square

14th floor

Harrisburg, PA 17120


Toll Free 1-800-441-2555

Will investigate any consumer complaint, attempts to mediate and correct the problems for you.

Office of Consumer Advocate

555 Walnut Street

5th floor

Harrisburg, PA 17101-1923


Toll free 1-800-684-6560

Assists consumers who have incurred problems with utilities, whether they pertain to services, billing, or other such matters.

Pennsylvania Utility Law Project

118 Locust Street

Harrisburg, PA 17101


To support and assist legal service programs, staff and their clients in energy and utility matters effecting low income people in Pennsylvania.