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Every eligible inmate is entitled to one visit every other week. The inmate must submit a visit request form by 8 a.m. Thursday of the week his/her housing unit is scheduled for a visit. Visits are conducted on Sundays between 1 and 5 p.m., unless otherwise authorized by administrative staff. Visits are 45-minute maximum in duration.


  1. All residents may have a maximum of four visitors, including children, unless conditions warrant additional visitors.
  2. All visitors over 18 years of age must provide photo identification, for example, a government-issued identification such as a driver's license.
  3. Children of an resident who are under the age of 18 may visit only if the other parent or legal guardian accompanies them.
  4. Visitors are not permitted to bring items into the facility unless authorized by an officer. The officer will receive approved items for delivery to the resident.
  5. Visitors will secure all personal items in their vehicle prior to the visit.
  6. Visitors will conduct themselves in an orderly and acceptable manner while visiting. Residents are responsible for the behavior of their visitors.
  7. All visits take place in the designated visiting area. Visitors are not permitted anywhere else in the facility.
  8. Residents are not permitted into the visiting area unless they have a scheduled visit.
  9. Violation of the rules and/or inappropriate behavior on the part of the visitor or the resident will result in termination of the visit and/or denial or suspension of visiting privileges.