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Operations of EMA

The Lehigh County Emergency Management Agency is tasked with providing planning for: 

  • All 24 municipalities in Lehigh County
  • 259 SARA facilities
  • 12 County owned facilities
  • 10 School Plans

The Lehigh County EMA also assists in planning for: 

  • Airports
  • Prisons
  • Medical Facilities
  • Downstream Dams
  • Mass Casualty Incidents
  • Counter-terrorism Limerick Nuclear Power Station Evacuation and Sheltering
The EMA also provides awareness, education, response assistance and recovery assistance for man-made and natural emergencies including: 
  • Tornadoes
  • Drought
  • Winter Storms
  • Transportation Emergencies
  • Floods
  • Hazardous Material Emergencies

Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

In the event of an impending emergency or disaster, the Lehigh County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) will be activated. The purpose of the EOC is to manage the emergency response and coordinate the distribution of resources to a disaster incident. Highly trained and experienced personnel staff the EOC when it is activated and becomes operational. Capable individuals having the authority, flexibility, imagination and initiative needed to make command and coordination decisions (relative to their field of expertise) necessary during emergency operations are recruited. EOC staffing includes the following: Coordinator, Operations, Police, Fire, EMS, HazMat, Public Information, Elected Officials, Situational Analysis, Communications, Mass Care, Transportation, Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services (RACES), Radiological, Public Works (Utilities) and School Services. 

Lehigh County Emergency Management also operates as an Emergency Alert System (EAS) initiating station, covering Lehigh and Northampton Counties and surrounding areas.

EOC Email: