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Process Improvement Teams (PIT)

The Process Improvement Teams (PIT Teams) include committee members, as well as individuals from the community, families, providers, and county personnel.   The cross system progress improvement teams will identify needs and barriers that currently exist and identify opportunities to increase effectiveness and efficiency regarding service delivery.

To achieve the goal of integration, the Process Improvement Teams (PIT Teams) must continue to address the identified priority areas.   The design of the Process Improvement Teams is to evaluate the needs of the underserved population, identify barriers that will hinder integration, develop solutions to barriers and create new initiatives, increase effectiveness of service delivery, present outcomes and illustrate progress towards accomplishing goals.

PIT Team 1 :   “To review operational processes to ensure they are consistent CASSP principles and develop a template for an Integrated Service Plan for families needing services from multiple systems.”   This committee is focusing on service delivery, system improvements, and effectiveness of services.


PIT Team 2 :   “To review multi-system (OCYS, MH/MR, D&A, and JPO) high-risk residential placement and discharge planning.”   The focus of this committee is to compare best practice treatment planning and discharge planning as well as communications between stakeholders.


PIT Team 3 :   “Confidentiality” – ensure that all systems and staff understand the confidentiality regulations and maximize the timely relevant exchange of information for effective case coordination.   This committee is reviewing Release of Information forms, laws, and mandated training for all staff on the topic of confidentiality.


PIT Team 4 :   “To ensure timely access to appropriate mental services for children receiving child welfare services and juvenile probation supervision.”   This team is sharing information with the Department of Human Services employees and the Probation Department employees to increase knowledge on how to access services.

PIT Team 5:    The IFSP Advisory Committee recommended the addition of PIT 5 in December 2006 to create a web page for IFSP, expand upon current Lehigh County Department of Human Services pages and create links between the Department of Human Services and Juvenile Probation Office.