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P.I.T. Team 1 Survey Questions

Survey Questions

  • When individuals and families we serve talk about their service experience with other offices (Information and Referral, Office of Children & Youth Services, Intellectual Disabilities, Drug & Alcohol, Juvenile Probation, Adult Probation, Aging and Adult Services, and Veterans Affairs), are there particular things they liked or did not like about the services? What things did you like or not like about the services?
  • What have been the strengths and weaknesses in service provision to individuals and families who have been involved with a number of Department of Human Service offices, Juvenile Probation, and/or Adult Probation at the same time?

System Improvements

  • Of the key things we do with individuals and families (i.e. types of interventions), should we do any of them in different ways?
  • What other service linkages could be provided that are not currently available?

Effectiveness of Services

  • What could be done to increase our cost effectiveness in service provision?
  • What could be done to improve coordination among offices?