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Pennsylvania's Music Preservation Society

Pennsylvania's Music Preservation Society  (PAMPS)

Proposal letter for the cataloging and preservation of Lehigh County's endangered hex signs and for The Great Pennsylvania Music & Arts Celebration.
      2018 budget

 Current and previous fiscal years' budgets and financial statements: 

     2018 will be the first year of organizational revenue.  At the close of 2018, audited financial statements will be forwarded to the County of Lehigh which will include the PAMP'S inaugural signature event, 'The Great Pennsylvania Music & Arts Celebration'.

Positions of all employees who receive 50k or more annual compensation and the total compensation of the organizations five highest compensated individuals: 

All PAMPS board members are volunteers receiving no compensation since the organization's founding in 2015.  Similarly, no volunteers to the PAMPS organization or its signature event, PennMArt, have in the past or currently, receive compensation including the volunteer CEO and Chair of the Board.

A list of all funding sources and the total amount received from each funding source for the previous year:  2018 will be the first year of organizational revenue.

A list of all funding sources for the current year, and a list of all pending applications for funding including the amount requested:    Additional Funding Sources (as of 5/1/2018)   We have a growing roster of Lehigh County businesses and organizations financially investing in PAMPS's two initiatives that can match the County of Lehigh’s potential investment including (note this list doesn’t include the extensive in-kind donations from individuals and businesses making our first inaugural year possible):  

     $30,000 Founders' Circle*
     $ 5,000 The Home Depot (plus $5,000 in-kind)
                  Shangy's Beer Authority (cash)
     $ 3,000 Wegmans Food Stores (cash)
     $ 2,000 Lehigh Valley Hospital - Veterans' Unit (cash)
     $ 1,500 Kay Builders (cash)
     $ 1,000 A-Treat (cash)



* Lehigh County individual donors investing in the inaugural year of 'The Great Pennsylvania Music and Arts Celebration'
to help launch this statewide event showcasing, supporting, and preserving Pennsylvania Music and Arts.

Non Profit under Section 501(c)(3) - IRS Letter of Documentation

Form 990 - Completed for the Department of Treasury Internal Revenue Service:

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