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Recorder of Deeds Division
Lehigh County Courthouse
455 W. Hamilton Street, Room 122
Allentown PA 18101-1614

Chief Deputy,
Lisa Stella-Ali

Asst. Chief Deputy, 
Catherine Faries

Phone: 610-782-3162
Fax: 610-871-2895



Hours of Operation

Recorder of Deeds Office
8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday-Friday

Our office is closed on all major holidays and/or as directed by the President Judge of the Court of Common Pleas.

GIS PIN Certification
8:00 AM to 3:45 PM


Frequently Asked Questions

IMPORTANT: Our staff is not authorized to conduct a search or provide research for you. Please contact a title company. We are not authorized to provide legal advice or opinions. Please seek legal counsel regarding any questions concerning a document or the legality of its content.

I paid off my mortgage but have not yet received my deed.
When you pay off your mortgage you will not receive a new deed. Lenders do not hold deeds in PA and neither does our office. You should have received the original deed when you first purchased the property. See Records Search for how to obtain a copy.

Where are the original documents sent after recording?
This is determined by the submitter of the document. We require submitters to supply a stamped, addressed envelope for the return of documents. Some submitters, such as title companies and attorneys, address the envelopes to themselves, and then they will forward the documents to the property owner or other party in the case of mortgages and some miscellaneous documents. Other submitters address the envelopes directly to the owner of a property. eRecorded documents are electronically sent to the submitter.

Can I prepare my own deed?
YES – However, we recommend you have someone with a certain expertise in the field prepare it for you to make sure it is correct and legal issues are addressed.

How do I change, add, or delete a name on a deed?
This can only be done by recording a new deed showing the change. Please consult an attorney.

Is it necessary to delete a deceased spouse’s name on a deed?
It depends on the particular legal situation. Please consult an attorney.

If a person legally changes their name must they change it on their deed?
It depends on the particular legal situation. Please consult an attorney.

How do I replace a lost or destroyed deed?
By obtaining a certified copy from our office in person or through the mail. See Records Search.

How do I check for liens against my property?
Mortgages are the only type of lien recorded in the Recorder of Deeds Division. A mortgage is a loan signed for by the property owner. Our staff is not authorized to conduct a search or provide research for you. See Records Search for information on how to search our records. Other liens are filed in the Civil Division. Contact their office at 610-782-3148 or visit their website.

How can I check who is the owner of a property?
The owner of a property can be found by searching the Assessment Records or by contacting the Lehigh County Assessment Office at 610-782-3038.

If I find a mistake in my deed how do I correct it?
The same way you change a name - by recording a new deed. Please consult an attorney.

If I build a house on my lot, do I get a new deed for the house?
NO – The original deed covers any buildings erected on the lot at a later date.

Is it possible to keep a property transfer and selling price from appearing in the newspaper?
The Recorder of Deeds Division cannot prevent newspapers or the public from accessing and sharing the information that is public record in our office. Only Military Discharge (DD214) information is confidential.

Do you have a deed for my mobile home or trailer?
NO – Please contact the PA Department of Transportation for a title to your mobile home.