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Safe Alternatives

One of the best ways to avoid exposure to hazardous materials is to choose safer alternatives whenever possible. There are non-hazardous alternatives available for many products. The following is a list of recipes and suggestions to help you make the switch to safer household products. The suggested alternatives are only a sampling of the many alternatives available.


1) Some of the substitute materials listed below are not completely non-toxic. They are, however, generally less toxic than many of the products we commonly use to accomplish the same goal. These materials have been marked with an asterisk (*) to help you identify them.

2) As with any household product, some of the alternatives listed here may work better than others.

3) These alternatives were collected from many different sources, and have not been tested by the County of Lehigh. The County of Lehigh assumes no responsibility for any property damage that may result from using any of these alternatives. Use these alternatives at your own risk.



  • INSECTS... Ants, Aphids, Fleas, Flies, Mosquitoes, Moths, Roaches, Silverfish
  • GARDEN PESTS... General insects pests, Aphids, Cabbage Maggots, Leaf-Sating Caterpillars, Slugs and Snails
  • RODENTS.. Mice, Moles