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It's Easy to Buy Recycled Paper Products

Here Are a Few Examples:

Craft Paper We use craft paper every time we pack our groceries in brown paper bags. Craft paper is also used in shipping sacks that package bulk products such as agricultural seeds and animal feeds, and in mail wrappings for magazines and catalogs. Craft paper is usually high in recycled fiber content, and is accepted in many recycling programs.

Tissue and Paper Towels Approximately 5.8 million tons of tissue grades, consisting of toilet and facial tissue, paper napkins, towels, diapers, and other sanitary products are produced annually in the U.S. In 1992, approximately 3.5 million tons of scrap paper was used to makeĀ or manufacture these products. Check labels to see which brands are made with recycled paper.

Construction Products

Approximately 1.5 million tons of construction products are made each year using some recycled paper. These include insulation, gypsum wallboard, roofing paper, flooring, padding, and sound-absorbing materials. All use recycled scrap paper, yet most consumers are unaware of these building materials made with a high recycled paper content.

Molded Products Molded paper egg cartons, fruit trays, and flower pots, as well as some industrial and construction products, are made from scrap paper that is repulped and molded into packaging.

Corrugated Goods Corrugated boxes are often recycled into new corrugated boxes or other recycled paper products. Last year, 70% of all corrugated cardboard boxes were recovered for recycling in the U.S.

Combination Boxboard (Paperboard)

Cereal boxes, shoe boxes, tissue boxes, beer and soft drink carriers are all familiar types of paperboard packaging. These products have a high recycled fiber content, usually as high as 90 to 100 percent.


A little more than one-third of the newspapers recovered through recycling programs is recycled into new newsprint. Other products made from recovered newsprint include cereal boxes, corrugated cardboard boxes, books, insulating materials, printing-writing paper, tissue, egg cartons, and animal bedding.

Office Products

High quality printing and writing papers, envelopes, and file folders containing recycled fibers are available through many outlets, including local office supply stores.