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Things to Remember

Things to remember:

If you need to dial 9 1 1 stay calm!
Before picking up the phone, take a deep breath and do your best to relax. 

  • Pick up the phone, listen for dial tone, and then dial 9 1 1. That's all, just three numbers 9 1 1.
  • When the dispatcher answers, simply state what you need; I need the police, I want to report a fire, I need an ambulance.
  • The dispatcher will then ask for the address or location of the emergency. This is very important! Do you and other members of your family / workforce all know your address? If not, let everyone know! Better yet, mark the address by each telephone - that way it will be easy to remember. Do you know what city, township or borough you are located in? This is important information as well. In addition to knowing your address, it is important that emergency responders can see your house number from the street. The next time you are returning to your home at night, pretend that you are a policeman or firefighter trying to find your house. Can you easily see your house number from the street? If not, you have some work to do. Mark your house number in large, reflective numbers that can easily be seen from the street.
  • Next, the dispatcher will ask you exactly what is wrong - the "details" of your emergency. This is important information too! Do not become upset that it is "taking too long", or that "they are asking too many questions" REMEMBER, while one dispatcher is talking to you on the phone, another dispatcher is putting your call out on radio to the emergency personnel.
  • Finally, the dispatcher will ask your name and telephone number.


DO NOT hang up until the dispatcher says it is okay. If you are alone or frightened, we'll stay on the phone until help arrives.