Office of the Lehigh County Controller


Glenn Eckhart Controller Photo
Glenn Eckhart
, Controller

John A. Falk, Deputy Controller

Government Center - Room 465
17 South Seventh Street
Allentown, PA. 18101-2400
Phone: 610-782-3082
Fax: 610-871-2897


Office of the Controller

The mission of the office of the controller, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, is to:

  • Examine the propriety of internal control,
  • Assess compliance with statutory requirements,
  • Evaluate operating procedures,
  • Audit the accuracy and completeness of records and files pertaining to the receipt and disbursement of County funds by all officers, agents, and employees of the County.

The controller's office conducts assessments of management performance and program results of any county department or agency to evaluate the efficiency and economy of the agency's or department's use of taxpayer funds.

Copies of the completed audit reports are available upon request. To obtain a copy of an audit, please call our office at 610-782-3082 and we will mail or email a copy to you or click on the section link to the left 'Reports by Year' to download the reports yourself.

As secretary of the Retirement Board, the Controller signs off on the minutes and meetings involving the Commissioners, County Executive, the head of the Fiscal department, and interested employees and members of the public. 

Ethics Hotline

Ethics Hotline
(610) 782-3999
A confidential telephone message system available to employees and the general public to report suspected fraud, waste and abuse concerning Lehigh County Government.