Office of the Lehigh County Controller
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The hotline is a confidential system available to employees and the general public to report suspected fraud, waste, and abuse concerning

Mark Pinsley, Controller
Thomas Grogan, Deputy Controller
Government Center 17 South Seventh Street
Room 465
Allentown, PA. 18101-2400
Phone: 610-782-3082
Fax: 610-871-2896


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Office of the Controller

Our Mission

Evaluate county programs and spending to identify potential savings.

Investigate policy proposals and their application to county issues.

Keep Lehigh County government accountable, transparent and accessible to the people.

Audit county departments to maintain accurate finances and compliance with best practices.


The Lehigh County Controller’s office is on the frontlines of identifying county government waste and inefficiency. We propose solutions and savings alternatives that make our county government more accountable and transparent.

The Controller and the highly qualified team of professionals are responsible for monitoring county finances, investigating campaign finance violations and serving as the fiscal watchdog for your county tax dollars.

The Controller’s Office is one of the most important county row offices and serves as your first line of defense against corruption, abuse and wasteful spending.

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