National Programs

National Mental Health Resources

ASPEN--Asperger Syndrome Education Network
ASPEN provides information to families and individual whose lives are affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders and Nonverbal Learning Disabilities.  It also provides education, support and advocacy.

Association for Behavior Analysis International
The Association for Behavior Analysis International is a nonprofit professional membership organization with the mission to develop, enhance and support the growth and vitality of behavior analysis through research, education, and practice.  Behavior analysis is often used in applying behavior change principles to enhance the quality of life for an individual with ASD. 

Autism One
This California-based nonprofit organization of parents of children with autism concentrates on three areas: education on dealing with treating the condition; advocacy, increasing public awareness and support; and fundraising, to pay for research and education.  The web site provides a link to Autism One Radio.

Autism and PDD Support Network
View information on diagnosing Autism.  There is also a list of helpful books, national conferences, workshops and events, and support forums.  You can also tell you autism story.

Autism Society of America 
This web site is considered to be the voice of the autism community.  It is geared to individuals with autism, parents, family members, friends, professionals, and other interested advocates .  The Society and its chapters share a common mission of providing information and education, supporting research and advocating for programs and services for the autism community.

The Autistic Self-Advocacy Network
This group provides support and services to individuals on the autism spectrum while educating policymakers and communities about the autism spectrum.  The web site provides autism information, articles and presentations, educational services and social/support groups.

Council for Exceptional Children
The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) is the largest international professional organization dedicated to improving educational outcomes for individuals with exceptionalities, students with disabilities and the gifted.

Cure Autism Now
Cure Autism Now (CAN) is an organization of parents, clinicians and leading scientists committed to accelerating the pace of biomedical research in autism through erasing money for research projects, education and outreach.  It is the largest provider of support for autism research and resources in the country.

Kids Together Inc.
A non-profit regional group working to increase awareness and remove barriers that exclude people with disabilities.
An online resource for people looking for information about mental health.  This website provides information about the signs of mental illness, how individuals can seek help, and how communities can host conversations about mental health.  The website also features videos from a number of individuals sharing their stories about mental illness, recovery, and hope.

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development is a division of the National Institutes of Health *IS Department of Health and Human Services). The Institute conducts and supports research on all stages of human development, from preconception to adulthood, to better understand the health of children, adults, families and communities.

National Institute for Mental Health
Fact sheets and information regarding mental health.  View questions & answers in the publication "Treatment of Children with Mental Disorders".  View information about effective interventions in the article "Behavioral Interventions Effective for Preschoolers with ADHD".

National Research Council Report on Educating Children with Autism
This 300-page book gives a broad, if scholarly, look at the many approaches to education for children with autism.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
A national, federally funded network of local crisis center providing suicide prevention and intervention services.

Pathways to Positive Futures
Pathways "aims to improve the lives of youth and young adults with serious mental health conditions through rigorous research and effective training and dissemination." 

Postpartum Education for Parents
A 24-hour support line is available for one-to-one support, from basic infant care to the baby blues and other postpartum topics.  (This may be a long distance call).  Call 1-800-311-BABY for information on prenatal services in your community.

Postpartum Support International
For information on treatment, support groups and resources in the US and 25 countries.