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Lehigh County Prescription Discount Card

FREE to County Residents !


Americans are paying more for prescription drugs than ever before. Without prescription coverage, staying healthy can come at a high price. With the Lehigh County Prescription Discount Card, free to county residents, you can save money on many of your prescription purchases!

The County of Lehigh has partnered with the National Association of Counties (NACo) to bring Lehigh County residents a Prescription Discount Card program that allows cardholders an average of 20% off the pharmacy's regular price on all commonly prescribed prescriptions and an average savings of 50% on 3-month supplies of select generics through mail service .

Any county resident without prescription coverage can use this program. Even if you have insurance for prescription drugs, you may still benefit from the discount card, since it may save you money on prescription drugs your existing plan does not cover.

Everyone is eligible!

  • No income requirements
  • No age requirements
  • Unlimited use for the whole family

The Lehigh County Prescription Discount Card is:

  • Valuable. Save an average of 20% off the pharmacy's regular price on all commonly prescribed prescriptions and an average savings of 50% on 3-month supplies of select generics through mail service. Savings are also available on high-tech and injectable drugs through our Specialty Pharmacies.
  • Easy. There are no claim forms to fill out and no annual fee to pay.
  • Convenient. Over 57,000 participating retail pharmacies nationwide, approximately 100 participating pharmacies are right here in the county!


Where can I get my free prescription discount card?

You can pick up your free prescription discount card at over 250 distribution sites located throughout Lehigh County.  

How do I use my prescription discount card?

Once you have your card you may use it to receive discounts at one of the 57,000 participating pharmacies. You may use the card as often as you wish on any generic, brand name, or 90-day supply mail order drugs NOT covered by insurance or another prescription discount plan. If you have exceeded the maximum amount allowed by your plan or if a prescribed medication is not included in your current plans formulary, you may use this prescription discount card to receive a discount. One card covers your entire family and must be presented each time you request a prescription to be filled or when you pay for a refilled prescription.

How do I use the mail order program?

For details on the 90-day supply by mail service , please contact Caremark toll free at 1-877-321-2652 or print out the form, complete and mail in with your written prescription.

Does this prescription discount card cover the cost of pet medications?

Your prescription discount card can be used for pets taking prescriptions that will be filled at a network pharmacy. The discount card will not work in the Veterinarian's office.

Does this prescription discount card cover injectable drugs?

Caremark offers a program for specialty injectable and oral drugs through its specialty pharmacy .

What other services does Caremark provide?

Caremark also provides valuable information on health topics , drug interactions and drug informationLook up drug prices. For additional information, please call 1-877-321-2652.

For any questions or concerns regarding the prescription discount card, or for pharmacy questions, Member Services is available 7 days per week (except Thanksgiving and Christmas Day) by calling 1-877-321-2652 between the hours of 7 am and 11 pm EST.

How can I become a distribution site for Lehigh County's prescription discount card?

If you are a for-profit or not-for-profit organization, large or small business, religious entity, school, etc. in Lehigh County , and would like a supply of Lehigh County's prescription discount cards to distribute, please call Melanie Hahn at 610-782-3952. There is no charge to receive a supply of cards to distribute.

I am currently a distribution site. How can I receive additional cards?

If you are currently a distribution site and need additional cards, please call Melanie Hahn at 610-782-3952.

I work with Spanish-speaking individuals and families. Is there a prescription card available in Spanish?

The Lehigh County prescription discount card is available in Spanish. You may call Melanie Hahn at 610-782-3952 to receive a supply.


 Some additional information is also available by reviewing the NACo Prescription Discount Card Program Fact Sheet.



This plan is not insurance.

Savings are only available at participating retail pharmacies.