Residential Treatment Facility (RTF)

  • Program Description:

An RTF is an intensive out of home treatment service.  This level of care is for members who cannot be safely maintained in an outpatient or community based setting.  The consumer resides at a facility and receives 24-hour supervision.  RTF's are self-contained, meaning they have all of the resources to provide for the member's educational, social, and MH/D&A treatment goals.  The consumer is provided with individual, group and family therapy and medication monitoring to address their behavioral treatment goals.  The consumer typically attends the on-grounds school provided by the facility.  The RTF also provides specialized therapies, including recreation and art.  The consumer participates in therapeutic leave passes to their home to practice the skills he/she has developed.


  • Process:
    • This service is available to children with Medical Assistance eligibility, who meet medical necessity criteria for this level of care. 
    • The consumer must have the services prescribed by a psychiatrist and have a CASSP meeting, as well as be deemed medically necessary by the local managed care organization or Department of Public Welfare. 
    • A current evaluation, referral form and release of information are forwarded to the Lehigh County CASSP unit, 610-782-3376 (phone) . 
    • A CASSP meeting will be held with all parties involved in the child's life including, but not limited to, current provider, child serving system, managed care organization, and family.
    • MBH Consumers: A request for authorization is submitted to Magellan within five business days of the meeting.  Magellan will determine medical necessity within two business days and contact the family.  If deemed medically necessary, Magellan will complete the search for an available bed.  Magellan will provide a choice of two providers to the child and family to select from.
    • FFS Consumers: Following the meeting, the CASSP case manager will search for an available bed.  Upon selection of the facility and bed availability within thirty days, the request of authorization for services will be submitted to the Office of Medical Assistance for review.  OMAP will determine medical necessity within twenty-one days. 
  • Printable Brochure: Best Practice Guidelines for Children and Youth in Mental Health Placements