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Medical Assistance

*To apply for PA Medical Assistance, call or visit the Lehigh County Assistance Office/Pennsylvania Public Welfare
555 Union Blvd.
Allentown, PA 18109

If your child (under the age of 18) has a severe disability, behavioral, or Autism Spectrum disorder, find out how to apply for Medical Assistance through the loop hole



Children's Mental Health

It is very difficult and emotionally stressful for families when their child has been diagnosed with a mental health illness.  Families’ main concern is keeping their child safe while seeking appropriate treatment.  Therefore it is important that families are aware of the mental health services that are available in their county as well as how to obtain funding for these services.

LC Children’s Mental Health Funded Programs
In-Home Respite
Designed to provide 40 hours of non-therapeutic respite services to children ages 3-18 within a ten week period or calendar year.

Family Driven Respite
Caregivers are selected by family and must be at least 19 years of age with all state clearances.  Service hours, site location and pay are determined by the family.  The county provides financial reimbursement to the identified caregiver.

 *To receive Lehigh County funded programs, call Information & Referral:
17 South 7th St.
Allentown PA 18101


Medical Assistance Programs/Services   
ALL children in the state of Pennsylvania are eligible for Medical Assistance (MA) insurance regardless of their parents or legal guardian’s private insurance or income.  No child in the state should be without health care.  The state has passed a bill called the “Disabled Child Only Act” which allows for this to happen.Families first need to apply under this act for Medical Assistance at their local County Assistance Office before they can receive can receive Medical Assistance funded services.   * Refer to Magellan Provider Network to access MA funded behavioral health services.

Resource, Intensive and Blended Case Management – this service can provide a 24 on call crisis number as well as coordinate mental health services for members.        

Outpatient Treatment – site based clinic that provides psychological and psychiatric testing, medication management and counseling services.

In School Partial Hospitalization – daily treatment and psychiatric care is provided in the school setting.

Acute Partial Hospitalization - site based treatment that provides six hours of psychiatric care five days a week.  Transportation should be arranged by the school district

Behavioral Health Services Rehabilitative Services (BHRS) –treatment is provided in the home based on hours prescribed by a psychiatrist which may include mobile therapy, behavioral specialist consultant and a therapeutic support staff.  View BHRS FAQs.

Functional Family Therapy - short term intensive in-home service for at risk youth with conduct disorders, truancy issues or substance use disorder.

Multi-Systemic Therapy – an in-home six month therapy that targets juvenile offenders and anti-social behaviors at risk of out of home placement.

Family Based – a 6 to 9 month trauma informed in-home service which includes a 24 hour on-call.

Out of Home Mental Health Placements - provide full psychiatric 24-hour care

Psychiatric Hospitalizations -intensive, short-term psychiatric 24-hour care
Learn about Pinebrook Family's Answers High Fidelity Wraparound -a team-based, collaborative process for helping children and youth with special mental health needs and their families identify and use their strengths and community resources.  Referral form in EnglishReferral form in Spanish.


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