Functional Family Therapy (FFT)

  • Program Description:

This program is a research based prevention and intervention program for at-risk adolescents and their families that target youth between the ages of 11 and 18.  It is a short-term family based program that can be used for a range of adolescent problems, including violence, drug abuse, conduct disorder and family conflict.   Referred youth may be at-risk for child welfare or juvenile justice involvement, or may already be involved with the child welfare or the juvenile justice system. These services can be delivered in a variety of settings.  FFT is customized to each family through the use of matching relationally and hierarchically to each family member, as well as the co-construction of reframes based on their perception of the problem with the therapist's.  This process allows the therapist to assess each family's areas of need and then create an organizing theme about the family based on the individualized reframes.

  • Process:
    • A psychiatrist or psychologist completes an evaluation prescribing Functional Family Therapy.
    • MBH Consumers: Current list of providers can be obtained from Magellan Service Center via phone, Member line 1-866-238-2311 or by clicking on the link.
    • An ISPT meeting (Interagency Service Planning Team) is held and request for authorization packet is submitted to Magellan to determine medical necessity. 
    • This service requires an approval prior to starting.