Family Based Mental Health Services (FBS)

  • Program Description:

An intensive six-month to eight-month in-home mental health treatment program, which offers individual and family therapy with a team of two therapists (Master's degree and Bachelor's degree professionals).  Case management services, 24-hour crisis intervention, and psychotropic medication monitoring are available for the duration of the program.  The services are provided in the home and community.  FBS is often a step-down from RTF level or care, FBS services can start 30 days prior to discharge from the RTF program.

  • Process:
    • A psychiatrist or psychologist completes an evaluation prescribing Family Based Mental Health.
    • MBH Consumers:  Current list of providers can be obtained by clicking on the link or directly from Magellan Service Center via phone, Member line 1-866-238-2311 or Provider line 1-866-780-3368.  Consumer, parent or case manager can contact the provider's office to schedule an appointment.  An initial meeting is held and request for authorization packet is submitted to MBH to determine medical necessity.  This service requires approval prior to starting.
    • FFS Consumers: Provider will complete a referral form and forward to Lehigh County Children's Mental Health Unit along with a signed release of information and current evaluation.  A case manager will assist the family in identifying an available provider.  A request for authorization packet is submitted to the Office of Medical Assistance to determine medical necessity, as well as Mental Health Base Funds Form is submitted to Lehigh County CMHU.  This services requires an approval prior to starting.