Medical Assistance

Medical Assistance

Medical Assistance
The Medical Assistance Program (ACCESS) is now a managed care system called "Health Choices".  To apply for MA for yourself and/or your family, you must visit or call the County Assistance Office (Welfare Office) at 610-821-6503.  They will send you an application.  You can also apply online.  There are three health managed care MA groups you can choose from, based on your health needs.  And also some groups, especially for those with addictions or mental health needs.  They will send anyone found eligible information on these groups.  You can then pick one of have as your health insurance group; you can change groups if you decide another is better.  Anyone found eligible for Medical Assistance who has not chose a group will be placed in a group but you can still switch groups.  To get information about the different health choices groups, you can call 610-437-6237. 
View acronyms and descriptions of frequently used terms in Medical Assistance Programs. 

Accessing Medical Assistance
Find out how to access Medical Assistance for physical and behavioral health services and what to do if you are not satisfied with services.  This document also contains information on how to access Lehigh County Children's Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Early Intervention.  "MA and Waivers for Children & Adolescents"--Using Public Insurance to Get Supports and Services You Need.

Medical Assistance for Workers with Disabilities--MAWD
Contact: Health & Human Services Call Center
Provides individuals with disabilities the opportunity to enter and remain in the workforce while receiving Medicaid coverage.  Eligible individuals pay a monthly premium to receive MAWD.  You can apply at the Lehigh County Assistance Office or online.

Emergency Medical Assistance for Immigrants
U.S. born citizens, naturalized citizens, legal permanent residents (LPR), and numerous other “qualified” immigrant statuses are all eligible for full Medical Assistance.

Medical Assistance (MA) for the Disabled Child
Provides information to help you apply for MA for your child through the Mental Health Disabled Child Loophole/PH 95. 
This article informs you what application you need, how to fill it out and what supporting documentation is needed.  Please note that this information is from Chester County.  The HMO enrollment may slightly vary. 



For Providers: How to Write a Letter of Medical Necessity: A Step By Step Guide with Examples

The 'Disability' Standards for Children with Mental Illnesses or Bio-Neurological Disorders

Frequently Asked Questions on Reporting Parental income for Medical Assistance for Children with Disabilities

The Pennsylvania Health Law Project
Advocates access for persons with disabilities to consumer-directed health services and assists with issues regarding Medical Assistance.