Family Fitness Program

Family Fitness Program

Childhood obesity is rising, and with it health complications for children now and in the future. 

  • The Family Fitness Program offers the help all children ages 8-12 and their families need for improving healthier food and fitness behaviors and child obesity prevention.  The program is based on the Transtheoretical (Stages of Change) and Motivational Interviewing educational theories.  The National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences 2007 award winning, research-based program developed by Penn State Extension engages diverse families (rural, urban, income, race) and significantly improves family communication, healthy eating and physical activity. 
  • Children attend 9 weekly or 5 twice weekly sessions to practice making healthy food choices and increase physical activity via guided discussions and activities.  Parents participate in five meetings (three with their child) to receive information, skills, and motivational guidance leading to improved food choices, physical activity, and family support.  Parent/family learn-at-home lessons, family discussions and goal setting are included. 
  • Program Contact Information

Lynn James, M.S., R.D., L.D.N

Extension Educator and Co-Chair, Diet, Nutrition & Health Program of Work

Penn State Cooperative Extension, Northumberland County

443 Plum Creek Rd., Sunbury, PA 17801