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Behavioral Health Resource OEF-OIF

Pennsylvania National Guard
Behavioral Health Resource Guide
Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom

PA Guard & Army Web Sites:

Military Mental Health Self-Assessment for Families and Service Members

  • Depression, PTSD, Anxiety Disorder, Bipolar, Alcohol Abuse
  • Available 24/7 at Military-Mental-Health -
  • Online and telephone self-assessment intended to help families and service members identify their symptoms and obtain assistance.

    Veterans Affairs (VA)
  • Provides free medical & mental health care for two years after discharge from active duty for conditions possibly related to your combat theater service, regardless of your income status.
  • After 2 yrs., VA services continue to be available to eligible individuals. Co-pays are then based on income.
  • VA also has specialized health & counseling services for women who served. Contact info for Women Veteran Program Managers - Women Veterans Health Care.
  • General information number for VA questions: 1-877-222-8387.
  • Vet Center Readjustment Counseling -

    Tricare Behavioral Health Plan
  • Soldiers & their families are eligible for six months of mental heath care after discharge from active duty.
  • Recorded mental health information available on "Audio Health Library" 24/7 Tricare Podcasts or telephone - 1-877-874-2273.

    Military Once Source
  • Private & Confidential 24/7 information & referral service for National Guard soldiers and their families. No cost to service member or family. Telephone 1-800-342-9647.

    Troop & Family Counseling Services for National Guard & Reserves
  • Telephone 1-888-755-9355